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cardboard recycling balers

Compaction Plus offers a comprehensive line of baling equipment, including vertical and horizontal balers of all sizes. From limited space applications to industrial processing and manufacturing facilities, we can provide the baler to meet your needs. (OCC) Cardboard Balers, Paper Balers, Plastic Film, Pallet Stretch Wrap Film, Plastic Bottles, Used Clothing Balers, just to name a few.

We thoroughly review each specific application and provide the best Baler and options to do the job. We service what we sell and / or your existing equipment. We offer Baler Preventative Maintenance Programs as well as Baler Repair Services.

For low to high volume applications, Compaction Plus offers a quality, affordable baler to suit your needs.

Cardboard Recycling

Why the Need for Cardboard Balers and Compactors?

Corrugated packaging is a $17 billion per-year industry and accounts for the largest segment of the entire packaging industry. Over 90% of all products in North America are shipped in corrugated boxes. Not surprisingly, old corrugated cardboard (OCC) represents a significant percentage of the solid waste stream, with approximately 90% of OCC packaging coming from the commercial or non-residential sector.

Since OCC is bulky and takes up a lot of space in dumpsters - especially if unflattened, your business may find it cost effective to bale or compact the material. Efficient recycling of cardboard can not only free space and create a safer working environment; it can be a source of revenue when managed as a part of a comprehensive waste management system. Compaction Plus staff can help you select the equipment appropriate for your application. We have a large selection of balers ranging from small portable models to large automated baling systems.

Additional Benefits to Cardboard Recycling:

Compaction Plus's cardboard compactors and balers are a streamlined and efficient way to reduce loose recycling material. We at Compaction Plus have found that our balers and compactors, when purchased with a specific purpose in mind and utilized properly, almost always yield great paybacks. Taking control of recycling processing routines can also help to pinpoint problems in other areas such as purchasing practices that might be causing unnecessary waste which could be recycled. Additional benefits:

  • Cardboard Recycling frees space.
  • Cardboard Recycling creates a safer work environment.
  • Cardboard Recycling is environmentally friendly.
  • Cardboard Recycling can be a source of revenue.

Cardboard Bale Characteristics:

Does cardboard recycling make sense for your business or organization? When considering the facts of cardboard recycling, it is important to analyze the characteristics of a cardboard bale. Before purchasing a cardboard baler, it is important to take the bale size, and weight into account, as well as the space available for the cardboard baler.

Calculating size and weight:

Typically, most cardboard balers are referred to by the bale size that they produce. For example, a 30" baler produces a 30" bale (in width).

  • A 26" bale width is about the smallest size baler available
  • The industry standard is called the 6030 which means that the width of the bale is 60" and the depth of the bale is 30". Height is variable depending on how large you would like to make the bale. The 6030 standard bale when fully compressed is 48" high.
  • Vertical balers can range up to bale sizes of 80" (in width) or even higher.

Bale weights vary greatly depending upon the type of material being baled, and actual size and configurations of the cardboard baler itself. Cardboard bale weight is often used as a benchmark measure since it is one of the most common items baled. Below you will find some common loose and baled weights of cardboard and other various materials.

Type of Material Loose Baled
Cardboard 50 - 100 lbs/cy 600 - 1100 lbs / cy
PET (Soda bottles, food packaging etc) 30 – 40 lbs / cy 200–500 lbs / cy
HDPE (Milk Jugs, Detergent Containers etc) 22 – 25 lbs / cy 200 – 500 lbs / cy
Aluminium Cans 50 - 75 lbs / cy 150 - 500 lbs / cy
Steel Cans 150 - 175 lbs / cy 500 - 1000 lbs /cy
Paper 500 - 600 lbs / cy 1000 - 1200 lbs / cy
Newspaper 350 - 500 lbs / cy 750 - 1000 lbs / cy
Glass 500 - 600 lbs / cy 1800 - 2500 lbs / cy

Additional Considerations to take into account:

  • The cardboard baler should be sized appropriately so that significant preparation of the materials, such as bending cardboard, is not needed before putting the material into the baler.
  • Evaluation of typical size of items as well as the overall material stream to be baled should be completed before purchasing a cardboard baler.
  • Evaluation of space available for the baler as well as location of the Loading Door Opening needs to be conducted.
  • Keep in mind that extra space has to be allocated for not only removing the bales from the cardboard baler but also any service requirements that might be necessary. The appropriate spacing is usually about a foot or so from the wall on the back and sides of the cardboard baler. The ceiling height is also very important since the cylinder movement requires extra height beyond the normal ‘resting height’ of the unit.

The recycling of cardboard conserves resources, protects the environment, and can be a reliable source of profit for businesses, but choosing the right compactor or baler can be overwhelming. Share your cardboard recycling requirements with us, Compaction Plus. Regardless of your industry, we will work with you to find the appropriate cardboard baler or compactor that will fulfill all of your recycling needs!

Standard 6030 Cardboard Baler
recycling cardboard baler
recycling cardboard baler
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recycling cardboard baler

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