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Compaction Plus offers a comprehensive line of baling equipment, including vertical and horizontal balers of all sizes. From limited space applications to industrial processing and manufacturing facilities, we can provide the baler to meet your needs. (OCC) Cardboard Balers, Paper Balers, Plastic Film, Pallet Stretch Wrap Film, Plastic Bottles, Used Clothing Balers, just to name a few. We thoroughly review each specific application and provide the best Baler and options to do the job.

We service what we sell and / or your existing equipment. We offer Baler Preventative Maintenance Programs as well as Baler Repair Services.

Plastic Recycling

The Need for Plastic Recycling

As you are probably well aware, plastics are an important part of your life. The extreme versatility of plastic is responsible for its many uses for everything from soft drink bottles and the refrigerator they are kept in, to the car you drive and home you live in. It's no surprise that plastic accounts for a large amount of waste that is generated and an increased urgency for plastic recycling equipment. Compaction Plus Inc. can help you find the right equipment for the job.

A newer and continually developing field of recycling, the business of recycling plastic has caught on fast. The number of plastic recycling businesses has nearly tripled over the past several years, with more then 1,700 businesses handling and reclaiming post-consumer plastics. Recycling plastic scrap, film and plastic bottles has become an increasingly large market of its own. With post consumer items made from PET and HDPE resins finding reliable markets within North America and Asia, recycling plastic isn't just environmentally friendly anymore, it's become a source of revenue for many businesses.

Benefits to Plastic Recycling

Plastics are an essential part to our daily life. For instance, without plastics, 400 percent more material by weight, and 200 percent more material by volume would be needed to make packaging. However plastics contribute to a large amount of waste and the need for plastic recycling equipment has increased dramatically. Compaction Plus can supply balers and compactors that make recycling plastic scrap, film plastic, plastic bottles, and other plastic materials easy and efficient. By recycling plastic, your business not only protects the environment and conserves resources; it also has gained an extra source of revenue. Here are some benefits of plastic recycling:

  • Plastic Recycling frees space.
  • Plastic Recycling creates a safer and more clutter free work environment.
  • Plastic Recycling is environmentally friendly.
  • Plastic Recycling assists your business in meeting the continually increasing demand on recycling requirements.
  • Plastic Recycling can be a source of revenue.

Obstacles to Recycling Plastic Scrap, Plastic Bottles, and Other Plastic Waste
In comparison to other commonly recycled items such as glass or metallic materials, baling plastic poses a unique set of challenges due to the "spring back" nature of the material. The widespread use of dyes, fillers, and other additives in plastics is another barrier to recycling. The polymer that is used is often too viscous to economically remove fillers and would be damaged by many of the processes that can cheaply remove the added dyes.

Compaction Plus has years of experience working with a wide range of plastics in a variety of settings and can help you select, configure, and properly maintain your equipment. As the recycling requirements and financial commodity continues to increase, it becomes important that your facility handles this challenging material safely and efficiently. With a large selection of recycling equipment and balers ranging from small portable models to large automated baling systems we sure to have the baler for recycling plastic scrap, film plastic, plastic bottles and other plastic waste.

What is Plastic Recycling?

The process of taking plastic scraps or plastic waste and recovering the material for use in manufacturing is plastic recycling. Melting down polyester soft drink bottles and spinning the melted polymer into fibers is a common example of plastic recycling. The actual recycling of plastic scraps is a straightforward process. The plastic bales are broken apart and ground into small flakes. Depending upon the type of plastic material being recycled, these flakes undergo a process in which the containments are sorted from the actual plastic flakes.

Types of Material

High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE)

Also know as #2, this is a dense form of polyethylene that is used to make milk jugs and detergent bottles.

Common End Uses for Recycled HDPE

  • Plastic Pipes
  • Plastic Lumber
  • Plastic Flower Pots
  • Plastic Trash Cans
  • Non-food Application Bottles

Low Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE)

This plastic film is chemically similar to HDPE, but is less dense and has greater flexibility.

Common End Uses for LDPE

  • Film Plastic
  • Plastic Grocery Sacks
  • Plastic Tubing
  • Agricultural Film
  • Plastic Lumber
  • Plastic Trash Bags

Poly Ethylene Terepthalate (PET)

As known as #1, this plastic is a form of polyester or Mylar that is extremely tough and useful. Soft drink and Water bottles are made from this resin, as well as many plastic jars and clamshell packages.

This is one of the most common consumer plastics used, and has a well established market. Its largest usage is in the textile industry.

Common End Uses for PET

  • Textiles (ex. Carpet Companies)
  • Fiber Fillings (pillows, quilts)
  • Ribbon for VCR & Audio Cassettes
  • Bottle Market

Resin Identification Codes - Plastic Recycling Codes

For a more complete listing of Resin Identification Codes and Plastic Recycling codes, view the following chart provided by the American Plastics Council.

Resin Identification Chart PDF (178k)

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When baling plastic, many use full pennitration style to over come the spring back effect.
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recycling cardboard baler
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