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Tips on Maintaining your Compactor and Baler

Here are some important tips on basic compactor maintenance. It is just another great service provided by Compaction Plus Inc. So come back regularly to find out helpful information about maintenance and seasonal upkeep on your equipment.

Compactors do malfunction, that's why it is prudent to initiate a scheduled maintenance program With a reputable compactor maintenance and repair company like Compaction Plus Inc. we recommend some basic procedures to keep your compactor running smoothly and to save money on repairs.

Keep the Compactor Area Clean

It is important to maintain good "housekeeping" around the compactor. Trash or recyclables outside the compactor can attract vermin. In addition, shards of glass, wood and other sharp objects can cut the hoses and are a safety hazard. We recommend daily inspection of the compactor area.

Hydraulic Systems

The motive force in most compactors is a hydraulic system. These systems are often covered and should be regularly inspected by trained and authorized personnel for leaks and hydraulic oil levels. If there is any trace of oil, Compaction Plus inc. should be called immediately.

Electric Eye (Most commonly used in Apartment Style Units)

Some automatic compactors are equipped with an electric eye which "sees" or senses trash. This enables the compactor to start running when necessary. In these compactors, a reflector is positioned across the compactor from the eyes to bounce the beam back to the electric eye. This is called Retro-Reflective System. In this system, the wiring is contained on the side of the machine with the electric eye. When an object breaks the beam, the compactor turns itself on. Frequently, though, the beam can be blocked by dirt or garbage (for example, a ketchup bottle shattering and hitting the reflector lens) and can continue to run 24 hours a day. This condition is akin to constantly running a car at full throttle; the power unit could overheat and eventually burn out. It is therefore, essential to monitor the electric eye and reflector to keep them free of dirt and debris.

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