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Compactor Fullness Monitor System

Saves you money by sending just-in-time pick-up requests to your computer.

The utilization of the waste edge monitor system can significantly reduce waste removal operating costs and increase waste removal efficiency.

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The patented WASTE EDGE #100 provides control and reduction of waste compactor container pick-up Frequency. The result is substantial cost savings.

WASTE EDGE #100 can pay for itself in just months. It accurately determines when a compactor container is ready for pick-up. The System automatically sends a pick-up request to a PC. Management reports are generated automatically and/or manually, as needed. Retrofittable to most new or existing compactors. No need to change haulers or compactors.

  • Using a patented process of electronically monitoring a compactor's activity, WASTE EDGE automatically reports container fullness levels to a PC
  • Saves you up to thousands of dollars each year because it eliminates pick-ups of partially filled containers
  • Eliminates employee involvement in checking and reporting on container fullness levels
  • The unique System intelligence eliminates false 'full' readings caused by jams and other temporary surges
  • Auto-redial feature makes sure call gets through
  • Changes in compactor usage due to seasonal activity and holidays are no longer a concern
  • Timely pick-ups assure a cleaner, safer work environment
  • Request a fullness level status report at any time
  • Programmable 'Full' pick-up level for each compactor. Allows for differences in haulers' response time


Standard Operation & Configuration

  • One WASTE EDGE 100 Fullness Monitor is required for each compactor. Installation at the waste compactor site.
  • The Monitor operates in conjunction with the WinEdge System Software
  • Pick-up pressure settings can be programmed for each compactor
  • Monitor automatically sends 'Full' and 'Empty' container status reports to management and/or hauler - requesting a pick-up when full.

Standard System Features

  • Digital pressure transducer with snubber
  • Built-in RS232 port for on-site communication
  • Programmable spare inputs and outputs
  • Power filter with surge protection
  • On-board LED status lights
  • Non-volatile memory prevents data loss during power interruption or extended power loss


  • Wireless Modem Option for use where no telephone line is available ( Not Currently Available in Canada, Coming Soon)
  • Automated 'pick-up' request sent to a Fax machine in addition to a PC
  • Automated 'pick-up' request sent to a Pager in addition to a PC
  • Compactor Diagnostic Maintenance Modules
  • Monitors compactor's hydraulic system
  • Automatically notifies of need for service
  • Monitors oil level and temperature
  • On-site indicator light: Lights when successful call has been made to hauler to request a pick-up
  • Phone Line splitter system: Enables a single phone line to communicate with up to 9 separate compactor monitors.

WasteView Web Based Monitoring


The WasteView™ harnesses the power of the web to slash and control waste removal costs. It tracks fullness status, pick-up history and much more. Works together with WasteEdge® Monitors, which automatically call in pick-ups at just the right time, and log the results.

  • Display the status of one or thousands of compactor containers over the Web
  • Graphically view compactor activity and operation
  • Easy-to-use interface, requires no training!
  • Download reports into other Windows applications such as Excel®
  • On-the-job, 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day
  • Can be viewed from an unlimited number of locations on a standard PC with Web browser

View a demo at

Call Compaction Plus at 905-878-3400 and request a demo password for WasteView PLUS™

Offers user interactive capability to change full and empty pick-up pressure settings and phone numbers. Provides pick-up notification by e-mail. Allows for up to 4 internet address recipients.

Do it Yourself Installation. Pricing for the WASTE EDGE #100 system Including Shipping & Handling is $2495.00 + taxes PLUS Waste Edge 100, With telephone Jack: $179.40. Includes Internet Monitoring Fee For One Year. Customer will require 110 volt electrical and analog telephone extension line.
We Install: Pricing for the WASTE EDGE #100 system delivered and installed in Southern Ontario is $2995.00 + taxes PLUS Waste Edge 100, With telephone Jack : $179.40. Customer to provide 110 volt electrical and analog telephone extension line. Includes Internet Monitoring Fee For One Year.
Pricing for the Waste Edge 100, Wireless System, No Telephone Cable Required. Do it yourself Installation: $3295.00 PLUS Waste Edge 100, Wireless: $419.40. Customer will require 110 volt electrical outlet and analog telephone extension line. Includes Internet & Wireless Monitoring Fee For One Year.
Pricing for the Waste Edge 100, Wireless System, No Telephone Cable Required. Installation Included Within the GTA: $3795.00 PLUS Waste Edge 100, Wireless: $419.40. Customer will require 110 volt electrical outlet and analog telephone extension line. Includes Internet & Wireless Monitoring Fee For One Year.

Let's Talk Trash

Trash is normally not a subject discussed over a power lunch or at a board meeting. But studies show that an often over-looked area where significant savings can be achieved is in the management of solid waste disposal. Knowing the problems, pitfalls and cost inefficiencies inherent in solid waste removal can lead to significant cost savings.

On the surface, getting rid of trash seems like an uncomplicated process. Employees throw out the trash and the hauler picks it up. But like everything else, if you know what's available, you can make informed choices. Those choices make a major 'bottom line' difference. Several waste management options are available.

Third party services can handle the trash removal process, for an on-going fee. The fees can often outpace any savings promised. The selling point is that you don't have to be involved in the removal process. But you are involved if your money may not be buying you the best service or the opportunity to cut costs.

'Full' lights can be affixed to a compactor. But false fulls are often caused by 'bridging' or jamming in the container. Calls to a hauler because of a 'false full' may result in the pick-up of a partially empty container, resulting in unnecessary cost. If the employee forgets to call the hauler, the result is a messy overflow requiring manpower to clean up.

Then there are scheduled hauler pick-ups. The variation in amount of trash created by lulls or unexpected surges in the flow of trash can make scheduled pick-ups an expensive mistake. Charges are often the same for full or partially filled containers.

Automated waste compactor Monitors are the newest, most effective and efficient means of doing a job better, at significant savings. It is not necessary to change waste compactors or waste haulers.

One Plus Corporation is the leader in the waste compactor automated monitoring industry. The patented WASTE EDGE Monitor Systems provide solutions to monitoring, recording and reporting on waste compactor status. Savings of 20% to 60% have been documented. Payback can generally be achieved in months.

'Intelligent' Monitors use digital technology to accurately recognize and automatically report compactor container fullness levels. Monitors send on-time pick-up requests to a hauler and or site/manager, via computer, fax, pager or e-mail.

In multi-user facilities, the Monitor can control who uses the compactor, and report the usage for billing. Unauthorized users can be locked out.

Optional software offers a variety of management reports, including pick-up dates and billing information. You can see cost-saving information on graphs, charts and reports, when you want to see them. As an other option, WASTE EDGE can be accessed on a secure Internet-based system to control and manage your waste hauling.

The utilization of the WASTE EDGE Monitor System can significantly reduce waste removal operating costs and increase waste removal efficiency.

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