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Compaction Plus

Cost Reduction and Waste Diversion Program

Compaction Plus Inc. has a 97% success rate at reducing waste and recycling costs. We Stand Behind and Guarantee all our Recommendations!

Our innovative ideas, equipment and implementation strategies have saved our Customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many tons of waste is now recycled as a result of Compaction Plus's implemented recommendations, strategic partnerships, supply chain alliance and waste diversion programs. With 18 years of unwavering focus on the needs of our clients, and their ultimate success, Compaction Plus has become the industry's first choice in designing Waste & Recycling Systems at the most cost effective rates.


Compaction Plus is in the unique position to provide needs based evaluations and strategies for waste reduction and enhanced recycling programs. Based on our assessment we recommend the proper equipment best suited for each particular site. We review all invoices for services and analyze them for proper billing procedures. Sometimes mistakes are made, sometimes pricing is firm but rates have increased on your invoices. We review all of your documents for accuracy including your service agreements and in some cases have been able to get refunds for our Customers.

Hands on Implementation Strategies

We walk our Customers thru each step of the Customer Chosen cost cutting measures. We then measure results and provide feedback to our Customers on all areas targeted for improvement. Follow up and training, measuring projected results and insuring ultimate Customer satisfaction is our mandate. Our Client list includes facilities such as Wilfred Laurier University, TDL Group (Tim Horton's of Canada), McDonalds Restaurants of Canada, McMaster University, John Deere, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Hotel Chains and many other satisfied Customers.

Hauler Negotiations

Compaction Plus, with 18 year plus experience in the Waste & Recycling field enables us to source and negotiate the absolute best rates with your current hauler. We are also able to recommend Haulage Companies that may have specific services available that work in your cost cutting measures that your current company may not provide.

How We Do It

Cost Reduction and Waste Diversion Program

Our three-step Cost Reduction and Waste Diversion Program save you money.

Step 1: Waste Audit

We conduct an independent and objective audit of your existing costs of waste removal.

Step 2: Waste Assessment

After the audit is complete, we evaluate your existing waste handling procedures, internal collection routines and external disposal systems.

This assessment includes:

  • Inspection and appraisal of equipment
  • Assessment of total waste volumes
  • Analysis of waste stream components
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance and improve
  • upon the waste removal systems
  • Recommendations to reduce the cost of hauling the
  • waste currently generated by your business.
  • Recycling alternatives

Step 3- Waste Analysis

We will summarize our audit and assessment findings in a report outlining our specific recommendations aimed at minimizing waste and reducing your operating expenditures.

  • Objective equipment specifications
  • Optimum pick-up scheduling
  • Improved waste reduction, recycling and re-use
  • Waste diversion strategies
  • Customized training programs
  • Implementation and execution
  • Providing marketing & resource
  • Material for employees and tenants
  • Ongoing front-line management


Compaction Plus performs the above work at the rate of $80.00 per hour.

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