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Drive Thru and Outdoor Automatic Compactor

How much trash will fit into the Compactor before it needs to be emptied?

With normal trash content, the equivalent capacity of approximately 7 to 10 (or more) of the regular 30-35 gallon trash receptacles of trash will fit into one compacted cube before the unit needs to be emptied. When the unit is full it will lock the disposal door and a an exterior RED light will flash indicating to your staff the unit needs to be emptied.

How much does the compacted cube of waste weigh when it is full?

The weight of a full, compacted cube is dependent upon the contents of your waste. With typical Drive Thru and Outdoor waste, the average weight is usually between 30 - 45 pounds. The TCG-1600 Easy Empty System allows for simple, safe and quick emptying and replacement of the liner so it can receive waste again. In addition, the compacted trash (when the unit signals "full") can be adjusted by user controls.

How do I empty the TCG-1600 Compactor? And, how do I transport the compacted trash out to my disposal area?

The trash accumulates in a 2-piece durable plastic container which sits in the chamber area of the unit. The 'inside container' is comprised of a bottom tray with a removable upper sleeve which fits snugly into the bottom tray. The 2 pieces together form an "open top box" which is lined with a poly bag The Cube Cart System has a telescoping handle. The cube base is on wheels for easy removal and transporting of the full cube to the waste holding area or container.

The process for emptying the Compactor is easy and efficient:

(Note: Optional Front or Rear Cube Removal as to not interrupt the Drive Thru Flow.) (Safety)

  1. The full container will slide easily out of the compactor. The compacted bag can be removed and the liner replaced or you can use a spare 2 part cube and just simply exchange the full cube for an empty one.
  2. Tie the bag closed and transport the waste to the dumpster or waste holding area.
  3. Remove the sidewall insert. The compacted bag of waste is left sitting in the bottom tray of the inside container.
  4. Lift the compacted cube of waste out of the bottom tray and place into dumpster or storage area.(An Optional Cube Lifter is available when compacting cubes over 40 Lbs.)

What about liquids?

The leaks and spills that are normally experienced in and around traditional trash bins can be reduced or eliminated with the TCG-1600. In addition to the way the inside chamber is designed and built, the compaction process causes the liquids to be absorbed into the discarded paper materials (such as napkins, cardboard, etc.). Therefore, since the liquids are absorbed to a much greater extent, the opportunity for leaks and spills is reduced even further. In addition, the inside container and the heavy duty plastic bags serve as extra layers of protection against leakage that regular trash bins do not normally have.

What about Rain, Sleet, Snow and Freezing Temperatures?

Its an All Weather Package, The electrical controls are mounted in a NEMA enclosure insuring uninterrupted service even in the most severe weather conditions. The unit is tested to operate properly to a low of -20 Degrees Celsius. The liner in the cube base insures that even if the waste freezes it will still be able to be removed from the cube base. The Dome top insures that snow and ice will fall away from the unit and not build up on top if it.

How easy is it to clean the TCG-1600?

Very easy. Daily cleaning is recommended for the inside chamber, the waste deposit door and the compaction plate. The compaction plate lowers manually with a penny switch and the Compaction Plate has an optional disposable "Bonnet" which is easily replaced making cleaning easy and quick. The Drive Thru Chute has an internal "Tear Away Plastic" liner that is easily changed and insures that no waste builds up in the chute. The exterior of the unit can also be wiped clean easily. Daily cleaning should take no longer than 3 to 4 minutes.

What about various sized vehicles?

The TCG-1600 has been strategically designed to work with all standard vehicles that enter and exit a Drive Thru, The feed door is fully automatic and is large enough for Customers to easily discard their trash. During installation our team of experts will position the unit properly so that no part of the unit will extend beyond reasonable tolerances for Drive Thru installations.

What is the warranty?

One year, parts and labor. Ask for specific warranty information. Extended Warranty Coverage is also offered.

How safe is the TCG-1600?

Very safe. The unit is Fully UL approved and the functionality is based on numerous built-in safety features. (To our knowledge there has never been an injury related to the TCG-1600 technology after many years of public use and deliveries worldwide.) Some examples of two basic areas of safety: Equipment Safety Features and Risk Management.


  1. The 'Waste Deposit Door' automatically locks prior to a compaction cycle and remains locked until the compaction cycle is completed. The waste deposit door cannot be opened while the unit is going through its quick (10–12 second) compaction cycle.
  2. The unit will not start a compaction cycle unless the Waste Deposit Door and the Front or Rear Access Door (where the trash is removed) are both closed and locked.
  3. If the Front or Rear Access Door is opened during a compaction cycle, the cycle will automatically stop until the door is closed.
  4. A Special Access Allen 'Key' is required to access operational controls and mechanical areas.
  5. To manually lower the compaction plate (for cleaning) it requires authorized users to use a smart system penny switch. The user will not have access to any moving parts at any time.


  1. Sanitation and Health Issues: Employees only have to touch the bag twice during the entire process of removal (to tie the bag closed & dispose of the bag). In addition, the trash is handled much less often because the TCG-1600 is emptied much less frequently.
  2. Robberies: The risk of back door robberies can be greatly reduced because there is no need to change the trash over night. Your dumpster runs can be scheduled, allowing you to keep the back door closed and locked during dark hours.
  3. Pilferage: Employees leave the establishment much less for trash runs, which is when pilferage incidences can easily occur.
  4. Compacted and containerized trash can reduce fire hazards.

Are the heavier strength bags (that are used in the TCG-1600) more expensive than my regular bags?

Yes and No. On a per bag basis, the heavy duty strength bags are more expensive. However, the quantity that is used usually results in either savings or a break even point (i.e. up to a 7 or 10 to 1 ratio against the quantity of your regular trash bags that are used, and this is assuming you are only single-lining the regular trash bins),. Bags are usually packaged 100 bags per roll.

How many TCG-1600 Units will I need to replace my traditional trash bins?

Since one TCG-1600 holds the same amount of trash as several traditional outdoor bins, the number of units is solely based upon your customers having proper access. For example, a Drive Thru with 2 or 4 regular bins can easily replace these with 1 TCG-1600 unit placed strategically and conveniently near the sandwich board or speaker system. Since traditional outdoor trash bins usually only hold about 30 – 35 gallons of loose trash, the calculations would be for every 7 35 gallon bags that get changed in the Drive Thru you would have to change the TCG-1600 once.

How long will the TCG-1600 last?

The TCG-1600 are designed to withstand a very long life span. With good care, the units should have a life span much longer than conventional bins.

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