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Frequently Asked Questions about the Manual Trash Compactor

What Does The Walk & Pack Do?

The Walk & Pack is designed to pack down material inside virtually any Waste Disposal Container or Recycling Container without tearing the bag or making it too heavy to lift.

What is it made of?

The walk and pack is a steel tube with a handle and a threaded end in order to attach different size material packing heads. Aluminum Handles are available, 50% Lighter.

Why does it have various size packing heads? (Custom Sizes & Shapes Are Available)

Waste containers come in various shapes and sizes. Some with round holes such as coffee shop and fast food counter top waste disposal holes. Many are standard 30 gallon waste containers. Some are outside and some are inside. Compaction Plus did extensive studies to find out which are the most common sizes of heads required to fit into waste containers.

Why are there two types of handles? (Custom Lengths Are Available)

Some waste containers are deeper than others. We have two handles to fit almost any size waste container. In some situations such as counter top round or square holes a shorter handle is easier to work with. Compaction Plus is always focused on How to make the compacting job the easiest for its Customers.

Why are there holes in the Packing Head?

When you compact into a waste container if you don't have the "BLOW BACK" holes it will affect how the material gets compacted. With the blow back holes there is no back pressure so it does not create dust and a blowing up of waste, making your compaction easier and more effective.

Does it tear the liner / bag and, or is the bag too heavy too lift?

The Pack Heads have angled edges to help pull waste down and into the middle of the container it does not touch the actual bag itself. Most containers are very light prior to compacting; the amount of compacting can be adjusted to insure easy lifting of the bag.

How do I clean the Walk & Pack?

The walk and pack has three layers of rust resistant coating. Simply wipe off any material or rinse the packing head off in a sink or wash basin.

Why would I order a complete kit?

Many facilities have various sizes of waste containers. Some with large holes some with no holes and some with small holes. The Kit is designed to work with most containers.

What if my waste containers have lids and no holes in the top?

Simply open the container in the usual way, pull the container out a bit and then you will have access to the waste material for compaction.

How do I get one of these products?

Complete the attached order form. Mail or fax it to Compaction Plus. COD or Purchase Orders are available. Your product will arrive within 14 days by UPS.

What if I have more questions?

Simply call the telephone number on the order form and a representative will be very pleased to help you in any way possible.

To order: Call 905.878.3400 for more information.

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