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Manual 95 Gallon Waste Compactors

Manual Commercial Compactors efficiently dispose of compacted material and retain all liquids. Units compact waste or recyclables inside a standard 95 gallon bin. The pressure disk quickly and safely compacts waste to a fraction of its original volume. The pressure plate automatically locks in the raised position for safety and the lower position for consistent pressure between compactions.


It’s simple. Load your 95 gallon bin with waste. Roll into compactor unit, and waste is compacted in the bin, ready for pick up.

Reducing waste volume will save money on waste haulage, save time with fewer trips to the curb, and save the earth with less space taken up at the landfill.

Two Compactor options to meet your needs!

Unit Cost: $2740


Unit Cost: $2199

From The City of Toronto Website

“Commercial customers who are approved under the Yellow Bag Program and produce large volumes of garbage can order 95-gallon bins. Each garbage bin is $96.05 plus annual collection fees of $806.00 (once a week collection). Using a garbage bin means your business no longer has to purchase yellow commercial garbage bags.”

Further discussion with the City of Toronto told us that the weight limit in the 95 gallon trash bins cannot exceed 330 LBS

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