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Manual Trash Compactor for Overfilling Waste Containers

The Solution to Overfilling Waste Containers. The Multi-Purpose, Portable Manual Trash Compactor is perfect for Compacting Your Existing Indoor or Outdoor Waste Receptacles. Built Industrial Strength for Long Life!

Eliminate Overfilled Trash Receptacles inside and outside SAFELY.

No Need To Change The Trash During Busy Times, Just Pack It Down!

Never Put Your Hand In The Waste Container Again! (Safety and Hygiene)

  • Reduces Volume by 60% on average
  • Change Your Trash Receptacles 60% Less Often
  • Reduces Liner / Bag Changes by 60% on Average
  • Save on Bag Costs, Save on Labor Costs,
  • Save on Waste Removal Costs!!
  • Keep your Facility cleaner without having overflowing waste containers.
  • Environmentally friendly as your waste now takes up 70% Less space in the landfill.


Manual Trash Compactor Details

  • Each Walk & Pack comes with Handle and Compacting Head
  • Handle is 24" long or 36" long and 1" Wide for Great Grip and Easy Use
  • Triple Coated Base For Easy Clean Up and Rust Resistance
  • Order today, delivery in 14 days

Who is already using the Walk & Pack?

  • McDonalds Restaurants
  • Timothy's Coffee
  • Petro Canada
  • Shell Canada
  • Imperial Oil
  • Ontario Place
  • Lettieri Espresso Bar
  • Ikea
  • The Hospital For Sick Children
  • Fanshawe College
  • Hurley Corp
  • Various Property Management & Cleaning Companies

The Walk & Pack Solution to Indoor and Outdoor Waste Containers

trash-before-1a trash-after-1b
Prior to Using the Walk & Pack After Using the Walk & Pac
trash-before-2a trash-after-2b
Prior to Using the Walk & Pack After Using the Walk & Pac
trash-before-3a trash-after-3b
Prior to Using the Walk & Pack After Using the Walk & Pac
trash-compactor-small-a trash-compactor-small-b
The Walk & Pack Single Unit. Purchase a single unit with your choice of handle length and packing head size The Walk & Pack Value Kit.Comes complete with one 24" Handle, one 36" Handle, one 5" Packing Head, one 7" Packing Head and one 9" Packing Head.
Product ID Number Material Description Price Each
WP-5-24 Steel 5" Packing Head, 24" Handle $69.95
WP-5-36 Steel 5" Packing Head, 36" Handle $79.95
WP-7-24 Steel 7" Packing Head, 24" Handle $79.95
WP-7-36 Steel 7" Packing Head, 36" Handle $89.95
WP-9-24 Steel 9" Packing Head, 24" Handle $89.95
WP-9-36 Steel 9" Packing Head, 36" Handle $99.95
Value Kit Steel one, 5",7", and 9" Packing Head, plus one 24" and 36" Handle $199.95

Steel Units weight on average is 4 to 8 Lbs. based on the model chosen

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