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Secure-A-Bin Kamper

The redesigned Kamper is now available, built in a ready to assemble design for easier shipping and handling the new Kamper is ready to really help keep your campgrounds or other common public areas TyeDee and Safe. The Kamper is best suited to those who manage their own waste. With a capacity of over 20 "Glad" sized bags, the Kamper's 2 top loading lids make it easy to place garbage in the bin. The 2 front doors with an animal resistant handle makes it easier for the waste collector to empty the bin. Users of the Kamper include campgrounds, resorts, fire departments, small apartments, offices, schools, restaurant, community living centres, and many other places.

$1499 - Unassembled -- $1599 - Assembled


  • All steel construction, for strength and durability
  • Ready to assemble design for lower shipping costs
  • Powder coat paint for long lasting great looks
  • Two tone color scheme - Matte black lid, and base with colored panels
  • Easy to use pressure latch system keeps animals out, and is convenient for the property owner and the waste collector
  • BearGard corners to keep bears from getting their paws on the lid corners
  • Pivot pin hinge system provides automatic stop for safe lid control
  • Attachable mount feet to allows bin to be lagged down
  • Drain holes enhance longevity of base and allows for easy cleaning
  • Flag Notification to let waste collector know garbage is in bin
  • Made in Canada


  • Keeps your property "TyeDee" and safe
  • Pet and potentially dangerous nuisance wildlife are kept out your garbage
  • Secure-A-Bin protects bears and other nuisance wildlife
  • Secure-A-Bin's latch design does not allow for a child to lock themselves inside, and acts as a safety buffer to prevent fingers being accidentally slammed
  • Garbage is contained and out of sight and sheltered from the elements
  • Secure-A-Bin's strong and durable steel construction is designed for long life


Standard Colours: Green / Blue / Autumn Red / Taupe / Black
*Optional colours can be available, call for details


Inside - 58" Width x 40" Front, 44" Back x 38 1/2" Depth
Overall - 61" Wide x 46 1/2" High x 43" Deep, 400 Lbs.

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