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BinPak Compactor

binpak compactor

The BinPak™ self-contained compaction bin

The BinPak™ Compactor offers an attractive waste management alternative for the traditional vertical compactor or bin waste customer. BinPak is a self-contained compaction bin that offers:

  • fewer waste removal visits
  • ease of loading
  • improved environmental impacts
  • a secure waste system
  • ease of installation

This translates to financial returns for owners and managers, a better, safer work environment for employees, and a cleaner and more secure waste removal area for the business.

The BinPak has been designed with input from customer users. Extensive on-site testing in actual real-use situations has confirmed the ease of use, and business benefits of BinPak. Full product specifications, features and benefits to both customers, employees and waste haulage companies are available below.

The BinPak Walkaround

QSR and Restaurant Facilities. Download Our Full Brochure

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BinPak Operations Manual and Detailed Specifications. Download in PDF.

BinPak Installation Photos. Download in PDF.

BinPak Trash Compactor Benefits

BinPak Self-contained compactor versus traditional bins or vertical compactors: Reduce waste truck interruptions by up to 75% = lower cost and improved profitability.

Improved compaction ratios: Fewer pickups = less parking lot and drive-thru interference.

Ease of installation: Installs anywhere a 6-yard bin fits. Operates on single phase 200-250 VAC power source.

Low load height ( 24 in / 610 cm ): Reduces potential employee injuries and associated downtime costs.

Latched Lid: Attractive appearance never open, no blowing garbage, no rain water to add weight, no illegal dumping, compacted material dumps cleanly.

Simple servicing of unit(s): Maintenance free moving parts, easy access electrical panel, and easily removed parts.

Safety and C.S.A. Approved: Compactor cycles when door closed. Cannot open while cycling unit. No hydraulic oil posing slip hazard.

Features and benefits to customers and staff

Design of Unit: Centre of gravity is close to truck and weight is less than competitive units

Lighter weight: Fewer pickups = less parking lot and drive-thru interference. Less wear and tear on truck .

No bin lids: No property damage from bin lids flipping open.

Compaction ratios: Trash dumps cleanly into truck resulting in less mess at site.

Available configurations: Front fill or Rear fill trash door loading options.

Single plug-in: Easy access to single heavy duty plug-in for unit.

No truck alignment required: Reduce general damage during pickups.

Placement location: Compactor does not require a roofed enclosure.

No pest issues

Environment and Safety

Improve your environmental scorecard: Reduced pick-up cycles mean lower truck fuel requirements and reduced carbon emissions.

Prevent site contamination: The container design enclosure keeps trash odor's and liquids from escaping and out of sight.

Eliminate environmental nuisances: Design keeps pests such as rodents and wasps out of refuse container.

Prevent unauthorized dumping: Keep out uninvited "guests" and vandals with secure, fully enclosed BinPak containers.

Enhance workplace safety: The 24" loading height makes waste handling easier for staff with less lifting and less spillage.

Authorized Dealer

Compaction Plus Inc. is an authorized dealer of the Modern Waste BinPak Compactor and have formed a working relationship to bring this exciting and unique product to the Market Place. Modern Waste Products and Compaction Plus Inc. are Canadian-owned Companies specializing in the design, production and distribution of innovative solutions to waste management. Modern Waste Products offer strong application design capabilities which lead to the development of the BinPak™ Compactor, our flagship product. BinPak is of particular interest to the food, hotel, property management, Long term Health Care Facilities as well as many other companies in the market place. All can enjoy the many benefits of this unique product.

The Bin Pak Compactor improves bottom line profitability, is environmentally more attractive than traditional solutions, and ergonomically designed with the user in mind benefitting employee health and safety.



"After the test period I kept the BinPak as it met the criteria for the test and impressed me with how much less our waste area stands out as a negative on the appearance of the property" -- Ontario A&W Franchise Owner


"I have not seen a lot of innovation in the waste handling industry so your BinPak product was interesting. Putting the compactor inside a sealed six-yard bin is one of those really good ideas that makes you wonder why no one thought of it before!" -- Ontario McDonald's Franchise Owner

Tim Horton's

"The combination of an excellent product and outstanding customer service has been very much appreciated by me and by my team – thanks to your team at Modern Waste Products." -- Ontario Tim Horton's Franchise Owner


"Our staff have a much easier time loading waste and no longer have to throw heavy bags up over their heads. As well, odour and wasps are gone given that the unit is completely sealed." -- Ontario Wendy's Franchise Owner

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