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Easy Loading Outdoor Waste & Recycling Compactor

Easy Loading Outdoor Waste & Recycling Compactor

"EZ-Load" TV-3000 Features & Benefits

Safety, Sanitation & Security

  • Low 42" Feed Height: reduces the risk of a lifting related injury. That means fewer WSIB claims!
  • Large 48" x 33" Feed Opening: permits the loading of larger items without any pre-conditioning.
  • Unique container design: ensures that all liquids remain inside of the container and ensures the area around the compactor remains clean and dry. Employee slippage issues are eliminated.
  • Positive interlocking door switches: provide the maximum level of safety for the operators. The unique "key" switch design eliminates any possibility of it being bypassed or defeated and therefore providing the maximum level of safety possible. The switches meet or exceed the new Ministry of Labour Z432-04 guidelines. The compactor cannot be operated while the doors are open or the container is being emptied.
  • Double "barn style" doors: can be locked when the compactor is not in use, restricting access to the compactor to authorized personnel only.
TV 3000 EZ Loading Outdoor Commercial Waste & Recycling Compacting Unit TV 3000 EZ Loading Outdoor Commercial Waste & Recycling Compacting Unit

Cost Savings & Revenue Enhancements

  • TV-3000: will compact waste at a minimum ratio of 4 to 1 reducing pick ups by 75%.
  • TV-3000: compacts into an 8 yard container while keeping the feed height to a minimum.
  • Reduced pick-up frequency: means reduced operating costs.
  • Minimal hydro usage: through the use of a high efficiency, low horse power, power unit.

User Benefits

  • Low 42" Feed Height: permits easy access to the large feed chamber
  • Unique container design: contains all liquids and eliminates spillage.
  • Barn style feed doors provide: unobstructed access to the hopper in a minimal amount of space.
  • Optional roll up loading door: where space is very limited.

Method of Acquiring Equipment

New TV 3000 with Six or Eight Yard Container


  • Low Feed Height of 42"
  • 46" wide by 33" high Loading Chamber
  • 1 Cubic Yard Charging Chambers
  • 2 HP Motor
  • Compaction Force of 30,144 Lbs.

This Unit to Include:

  • Barn style feed doors, Lockable,
  • Dual door safety interlocks,
  • Keyed start system
  • Emergency stop

Electrical disconnect box and hook up to be supplied by the Customer.


  • $ 14,995.00 plus tax
  • * Warranty – One year parts and labor.
  • * A 25% deposit is required at time of purchase and balance due on delivery.

* Errors and Omissions Excepted
*Subject to Credit Approval

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