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Compaction Plus's Vertical Waste Compactors are ideally suited when available space for a compaction system is limited or the volume of wet waste does not justify a larger system. These units are great for shopping plazas, restaurants, cafeterias, fast food (QSR) locations, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and much more.

Use the TCG-Vertical Line Compactors for weekly volumes of less than 80 cubic yards of loose, non-compacted wet or dry general waste materials.

  • Improves the appearance of any business
  • Reduces truck traffic on your site
  • Reduces collection costs
  • Container sizes range from 3 yards to 8 yards
  • Eliminates multiple containers
  • Protects against insects, vermin and scavengers
  • Liquid tight design eliminates odors
  • Stop unauthorized use
  • Helps reduce fires
  • Stops employee theft via dumpster
  • Stops scavenging

Open, Load, Compact, EASY AS...

  1. Key unlocks the feed door.
  2. Dump wet or general waste materials into the feed area.
  3. Close the door to start the compaction cycle automatically.
  4. The crushing ram automatically stops at mid-point, creating a positive seal.

vertical compactor

Features & Benefits:

  • Each unit is totally UL Listed to assure quality and maintains the highest industry standards.
  • The TCG-Vertical unit can be easily changed from front to back to convert the unit to a front or rear feed application.
  • The TCG-Vertical also has telescoping legs that allow it to accommodate a 4, 6 or 8 cubic yard container. This enables the unit to grow with your waste volume requirements.
  • Packing ram maintains pressure against the refuse when the unit is not being used. This eliminates refuse "spring-back" and windblown litter.
  • 48" high liquid retention level.
  • Feed door automatically locks to prevent unauthorized use of the compactor.
  • The TCG-Vertical can be fed from inside a building with a security chute for controlled access.
  • The TCG-Vertical saves on installation costs by requiring only 120 volts, a 20 amp outlet, and can be placed on any reasonably level surface.
vertical compactor

Installation at a QSR Site:

Also Available:

The Indoor TCG-Vertical 3 Yard Portable Packer has all the benefits of the larger 4, 6 & 8 Yard units AND it can be used inside a building or tight laneways. The compaction container can then be rolled to a truck accessible area for pick up. Most haulage companies will provide the movement of the container for you.

vertical compactor
TCG-Vertical Indoor or Laneway Compactor. Slim Line Design Only 48” Deep, (Front to Back) & 91” Wide.
For use with Front End Loader Collection Trucks
Model Feed Height Complete Assembly Weight Container Weight Overall Height Overall Length/Width Overall Depth
Front Feed Slim Line 3yd 52 1/4" 3675 lbs. (1667 kg) 825 lbs. (375 kg) 92 1/8" (2340mm) 91" (2324mm) 48 " (1219mm)
Front/Rear Feed 4 yd. (3.1m3) 44 7/8" (1140mm) 4014 lbs. (1820 kg) 923 lbs. (419 kg) 85 1/4" (2165mm) 92 3/8" (2346mm) 83 1/4" (2115mm)
Front/Rear Feed 6 yd. (4.6m3) 56 1/2" (1435mm) 4161 lbs. (1887 kg) 1052 lbs. (477 kg) 96 7/8" (2461mm) 92 3/8" (2346mm) 83 1/4" (2115mm)
Front/Rear Feed 8 yd. (6.1m3) 74 5/8" (1895mm) 4351 lbs. (1973 kg) 1360 lbs. (612 kg) 115" (2921mm) 92 3/8" (2346mm) 83 1/4" (2115mm)
Side Feed 6 yd. (4.6m3) 61 3/4" (1569mm) 4055 lbs. (1839 kg) 1285 lbs. (583 kg) 101 3/4" (2585mm) 96" (2438mm) 76" (1930mm)
Side Feed 8 yd. (6.1m3) 79 3/4" (2026mm) 4290 lbs. (1946 kg) 1440 lbs. (653 kg) 119 3/4" (3042mm) 96" (2438mm) 76" (1930mm)
Charge Box Capacity Imperial Metric
Mfrs. Rating .72 cu, yd .55 m3
WASTEC Rating .54 cu, yd .41 m3
Feed Door Opening 23.5" x 46 597mm x 1168mm
Cycle Time 30 sec
Total Normal Force 26,400 lbs 117 kN
Total Maximum Force 30,200 lbs 134 kN
Electric Motor 3 hp 2.2 kW
Voltage ............1/60/230 & 3/60/208,230,460 (phase, hertz, volts)
Electrical Components Comply with UL Standards.
Now available with 3/4 hp, single phase, 120 volt power pack.
Plug it into any standard 120 volt wall outlet!

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